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Shopping for used cars doesn’t have to be scary. We know it can be nerve-wracking, and we know why. We, too, have heard the jokes about pushy used car salesmen and seen stories of buyers’ remorse after failing to find quality used cars led to people purchasing a vehicle that was less than desirable.

But here’s the thing: it doesn’t have to be that way, and we don’t think it ever should. In fact, if you’re looking for pre-owned vehicles in Oregon, we want to reassure you with two facts. First, we think buying a used car is a really great choice. Second, our team at Clint Newell Toyota wants to reduce your worries and make sure to match you with the perfect, affordable ride.

Looking at used cars in Oregon? At Clint Newell Toyota, we’re here to help.

There are lots of really great reasons to purchase a used car instead of buying one brand new. But many people don’t consider all of them when making their purchasing decisions. To help, we wanted to compile a list of really great things used cars offer that new cars just can’t match.

Shop Used Cars in Roseburg for Lower Cost, Higher Value

Cost is usually king when it comes to setting your budget for a vehicle. Used cars obviously offer the most bang for your buck due to carrying a lower purchase price. But that’s not just a lower price, it’s also increased value. Did you know that a new car can depreciate in value up to thirty percent by the time a customer drives it out of the dealer’s parking lot? That’s a big hit, and it is one that car buyers don’t have to take if they choose pre-owned vehicles instead.

But while the cost is usually the primary reason customers are attracted to pre-owned vehicles, Oregon buyers have plenty of other reasons why going used can make sense.

Used Cars Often Have Upgrades and Added Value

Premium features are another important reason to consider purchasing used cars over brand-new ones. For customers concerned about getting the most value out of their cars, buying a brand-new car often means choosing base models without a lot of upgrades or higher-end packages. If you want a feature-packed vehicle, however, with upgrades in performance, technology, or comfort, choosing to buy a gently used vehicle can make that possible within a smaller budget. While you may only be able to afford a subcompact new vehicle with no upgrades, that same budget could get you into a pre-owned SUV or feature-packed used truck.

Reliability of Today’s Used Cars

Given the fraught reputation of used car shopping, you might be surprised to see this listed as a benefit to purchasing a pre-owned car. But quality used cars also offer an upside that is often overlooked: proven performance. We’ve all heard stories about people purchasing a vehicle that turned out to be a lemon or that ended up having major recalls only a couple of years down the road. When you buy a used vehicle, you know your car has been successfully on the road already, and you have more data about the performance of the particular make, model, and manufacturing year of the ride you’ll take home.

In fact, many mechanics and car experts advise their customers and their own families to always purchase used cars instead of new ones. Major concerns are just much more likely to be known and addressed. If you want to be absolutely certain of a vehicle’s reliability, you really can’t beat used cars.

Environmental Friendliness 

Environmentally speaking, used cars are an excellent option for the eco-friendly consumer. We all know that cars have an impact on the environment, and many of us work to reduce our carbon footprint. But a lot of the impact cars have on the environment doesn’t come just from the time someone’s driving them. Instead, new cars take a lot of energy to produce, and even the most fuel-efficient new cars don’t break even on the environmental impact of their products until they hit 40,000 miles. By choosing to purchase quality used cars, buyers can reduce their vehicle’s environmental impact immediately and feel confident that they are doing their part.

Dealer Reputation

In the car-buying world, past performance really is a good indication of future results. This is a good reason why you should think carefully about the reputation of whoever is selling a used car you are considering. It might be tempting to look at cars that are for sale by a private owner or a liquidator style dealership, but you should know that it isn’t the same experience as going through a certified dealer. As one of the top-rated dealers in Oregon, Clint Newell Toyota has thousands of used vehicle transactions already under our belts.

Private sellers don’t have hundreds of reviews or satisfied customers you can talk to. We do. Specialty used car liquidators, on the other hand, often don’t provide hands-on service, and often source their cars from auctions or vehicles that have been through accidents.

At a dealership like ours, however, we don’t have to do that and have a dedicated sales staff that can provide you with an amazing transaction all the way from browsing to driving away in your new (to you) ride.

Shop Used Cars in Roseburg at Clint Newell Toyota

Remember, we cite our reputation because we value it. That means we value your experience purchasing from us as well. We want to be one of the best dealers of used cars in Oregon. That’s why we’ll go the extra mile to make sure that you get matched with exactly the used car you want.

Start by checking out our current online listings to see if any of the cars, trucks, or SUVs on our lot stand out to you. Then be sure to come back frequently: not only do we offer sales to make room for new vehicles, but we also regularly process certified pre-owned models that you can appreciate for their extra warranty and reputation.