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Outside of housing, working to buy your next car, truck or SUV at trusted Roseburg auto dealers may be the most expensive choice you make. It impacts your finances, can open up job opportunities and for some people, can seem very stressful. It does not have to be that way and it’s important to work with sellers of pre-owned vehicles at used car lots who can provide you the confidence of a new car buying experience without the potential risks of making a bad purchase.


Understanding the Used Car Buying Process


Why buy used? For most people, it comes down to price. Cars lose much of their value soon after they are driven off the dealer’s lot. In fact, most cars become much cheaper after three or so years. In addition, many people consider pre-owned vehicles in Roseburg OR and throughout Douglas County because any initial issues, from recalls to potential lemons, are no longer a concern by this point.

However, there is a lot that goes into buying a used vehicle and one of the most important is understanding all potential underlying systems. If you go through a private seller, most car websites recommend that you bring along a mechanic to perform a once-over of the vehicle you have in mind. Even if you trust them, most mechanics work with a wide variety of vehicles, so you may have to perform some research when it comes to potential issues regarding various models.


In addition, when you are determining whether or not to buy from a private seller compared to a dealership or used car lot, you need to consider the money and service side of things. After all, the total cost of ownership includes routine maintenance, monthly payments and even your insurance premiums. If you choose from certain dealerships like Clint Newell Toyota, you will find that you may be able to gain attractive perks like additional service combined with your purchase that you wouldn’t be able to from a private seller.

Financing and Budgeting for Used Vehicles in Roseburg OR

Perhaps the most important issue when considering whether to go through a dealership compared to someone who has simply posted their listing online is financing. Groups like the team at Clint Newell Toyota have experience working with a variety of financial institutions and can find you rates that you may not be able to from your own bank or credit union.


This can open up a wide variety of vehicles you might not have expected, as just a point or two difference in annual percentage (APR) can mean a difference in thousands of dollars in the total loan that you are seeking for a given vehicle. It’s something that you should discuss with a trusted friend or loved one as well as the financial services team at Clint Newell or wherever you search that offers used car sales.


In addition, if you have a relatively recent vehicle and are upsizing or downsizing based on a major life event, a private seller is far less likely to be able to provide you with any trade-in value for that vehicle. It’s again a benefit of working with a dealership who can maximize the value of a very recent trade in order to reduce your total cost to buy even more.


For more information on compelling packages that will help put more used cars in Roseburg OR within your reach, check out our inventory for deals and talk with our experienced finance staff to learn more about what options are available for you.

Choosing Toyota Certified Used Vehicles vs. Other Options

When it comes to buying from a dealership, our experienced technicians handle that on all trade-ins and other vehicles before they end up on our pre-owned vehicle lots.


There is one additional guarantee that we can provide compared to car lots in Roseburg or Azalea: the option to purchase Toyota Certified Used Vehicles. These Camrys, Siennas,  Tacomas and more undergo a rigorous 160 to 174-point inspection to ensure that it meets stringent standards regarding quality.


Our certified Toyota technicians will review everything from how the transmission shifts to the stereo speakers not rattling. It may not quite be a 2020 Toyota Camry or RAV4, but it will meet our detailed requirements before you even set foot on the lot. We perform all necessary repairs, cover recalls and even make sure that the paint is up to snuff without major scratches, dings or dents.


This is even true of our hybrid options, with an additional 14 points of inspection for the electrical systems for any model Prius, Highlander Hybrid or other option that ends up meeting the Toyota certification program. You can be sure that even with the most complex components, you will be able to enjoy Toyota quality for years after your purchase.


Now, Clint Newell Toyota takes particular pride in our used vehicle offerings, so we already offer roadside and maintenance protection on all of our vehicles. However, our finance office loves helping people who choose among our certified used vehicle options. The manufacturer offers:


  • A One year, 12,000 mile comprehensive warranty
  • Seven-year, 100,000 mile powertrain warranty
  • A complimentary CARFAX(™) report

Perhaps most significantly, you can apply for financing rates based on new car purchases from Toyota’s financing program. This can save you thousands of dollars compared to having to apply for loans from other sources and ensures that your entire purchasing experience is with one family of companies: Toyota. More importantly, those warranties transfer over to any future buyer, increasing your future resale value.

Complimentary One Year Service and Roadside Assistance Program

We stand by the vehicles on our lot and want you to have just as much confidence when you pick up the keys and start up your new car, truck or SUV. So here, we’ve included the Clint Newell Toyota prepaid maintenance program for your first year or 15,000 miles, whichever comes first!


That includes premium oil and filter change every 10,000 miles along with a multi-point inspection and fluid replacement each time, ensuring you never have to worry about unseen issues that can crop up with any vehicle you haven’t owned fresh off a dealer’s lot.


In addition, we offer coupons towards other service deals that could be worth up to $1,500 in total. They include timed service reminders and an easy-to-understand computerized service history at the program end. We know that people who end up selling their vehicles get higher resale prices when they have their own records to offer a prospective buyer.


But that’s not all, we offer a full year of roadside assistance as good or better than any you might get from a national association. Get help with lockouts, flat tires, jump starting a dead or weak battery or even a top off of three gallons of gas if you’ve run out far from the nearest gas station. We’ll even get your car, truck or SUV towed due to collision or mechanical failure to our service center. It’s just another example of how Clint Newell Toyota goes the next step beyond what other Roseburg auto dealers offer when it comes to used car sales.

Shop Used Vehicles at the Premier Roseburg Auto Dealers

Clint Newell has been the name associated with quality, service and dedication to the community for more than 30 years. In Douglas County, we recognize that people have memories as long as the North Umpqua and Little Rivers over in Glide. That’s why we continue to put on regular community events and support the local schools and hospitals.


It also helps us find you the best vehicles for your needs. It’s one thing to have a fresh-faced salesperson tell you that a 2018 Camry or Highlander will be the perfect road trip companion or help you go off into the woods for fishing. It’s another when you find out that many of our staff own similar vehicles to the ones you can buy off our used car lots and can explain the differences in features between different model years.


Whether you are considering the additional protection and confidence of buying Toyota certified pre-owned or considering one of the other vehicles that fit your budget, we have you covered. Peruse our online inventory now or contact a used vehicle sales specialist to set up an appointment today.