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Are Alternative Fuel Vehicles Beneficial?

New And Used Alternative Fuel Toyotas In Roseburg, OR

As the world changes, so do our vehicles. The creators at Toyota prioritize making a cleaner environment for their family, friends, and customers. This includes providing safer, fuel efficient, alternative fuel vehicles. 


In this article, we highlight the importance of Alternative fuels, as well as our top favorite Toyota models that have the luxury of using non-conventional fuels. These Toyotas now come with enhanced hybrid battery warranty up to 10 years or 150,000 miles. Contact a sales representative at Clint Newell Toyota or view our Roseburg, OR inventory to browse your alternative fuel options.

What Is Car Pollution?

As long as humans have been driving cars, we’ve relied on the power of gasoline and diesel to get us to our destinations safely. However, as years pass, researchers have found the damage gas emissions have on the environment.  We see our local lawmakers and news reporters encouraging peers to car-pull to work, take public transportation, and even ride bicycles to lower gas emissions. But why?


Car pollution is one of the leading causes of global warming to date. As they are driven our cars, trucks, and SUVs emit carbon dioxide as well as other various greenhouse gases into the air. This contributes to one-fifth of the global warming in the United States. These various greenhouse gases trap heat into the air as they are used, causing external temperatures to elevate worldwide. In addition, these high levels of particle matter contain soot and metals, both harmful to humans as well as the environment. If these particles continue to over contaminate the air, they can cause eye, skin, and respiratory inflammation and illnesses. 

How Can We Help Stop Polluting The Environment?

By purchasing Alternative Fuel vehicles! Obviously regardless of gas pollutants, we still have to get to work, the kids’ soccer game, and the grocery store, so stopping driving all together is not an option. However, by making the decision to drive an alternative fuel vehicle, we can vastly reduce the amount of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere, providing cleaner air for us, and Mother Earth. 

What Is Alternative Fuel?

Alternative fuels, also known as advanced fuels or non-conventional fuels are any fuels or substances other than gasoline that can be used to power motor vehicles, such as your Toyota. These non-conventional fuels are produced domestically, reducing the stress on oils and CO2 emissions. Some examples of alternative fuels include:


Electricity: This is produced domestically and is powered by natural gases, coal, and renewable resources. Vehicles powered by electricity cause zero tailpipe emissions, vastly reducing greenhouse gases. 


Ethanol: Also known as E85. This is a liquid fuel that is dispensed just like gasoline! E85 is just 15% gasoline and 85% ethanol. This can be produced from crops such as corn, sugar, and cereal grains. 


Hydrogen: Fossil fuels and renewable resources such as coal, water, waste, and natural gas help produce hydrogen. Vehicles powered by this alternative fuel produce no harmful pollutants into the atmosphere!

Toyota Prius Being Plugged In

Best Alternative Fuel Toyota For Adventurous Trips | Toyota Prius In Roseburg, OR

The original Toyota Prius was released 20 years ago, and quickly paved the way for alternative fuel vehicles. This 5 seater vehicle is perfect for a trip to the park, or a road trip to the mountains. Newer models come equipped with bluetooth connection, reclining seats, and Apple CarPlay. Starting with the 2020 model year, every Toyota Hybrid Battery Warranty is being increased from 8 years or 100,000 miles to 10 years from date of first use, or 150,000 miles, whichever comes first. A Prius much more than an athletic vehicle. With a range of models and trim lines, you can build the perfect Prius to reflect your unique personality and driving habits. Whether your focus is comfort, convenience and advanced connectivity, or a luxury look, the Prius does not disappoint. 

Toyota Prius in the rain, under stop light

Best Alternative Fuel Toyota With A Sporty Build | Toyota Camry Hybrid In Roseburg, OR

This mid-size sedan provides a dynamic duality of sleek lines and comfortability. The Camry Hybrid provides the option of all-wheel drive capability to take your daily commutes as far as you want with hybrid efficiency. Equipped with a 4-cylinder engine and electric motor and shifting, this Toyota provides ample torque for peak performance on the road.

Red Toyota Camry Hybrid driving through the rain

Best Alternative Fuel Toyota For A Busy Family | Toyota Highlander Hybrid In Roseburg, OR

The Highlander Hybrid is your modern day SUV. This SUV gets the job done dutifully and gracefully, perfect for any person or family. Experience reliability with the Highlander, but don’t be fooled. It may be classic, but it is far from boring. This hybrid has EPA-estimated 36 mpg combined. Electric On Demand All-Wheel Drive keeps you and your passengers safe on all roads and weather conditions. It also offers a selection of multiple driving modes based on performance. For everyday driving there is Normal, ECO for optimal efficiency, EV for electric driving at low speed, Sport mode to increase acceleration, and Trail mode to add traction when needed.

Browse All Alternative Fuel Toyotas At Clint Newell | New And Used Vehicles In Roseburg, OR

Help the planet, and help your wallet with an alternative fuel vehicle! Clint Newell Toyota of Roseburg, OR prioritizes making a better environment for their customers, as well as safety and customer satisfaction. Our dealership offers premium finance options and specials when buying a new vehicle. View all new and used inventory of premium Toyota vehicles at Clint Newell. We service the Roseburg, and surrounding Oregon areas! Let the trusty staff at Clint newell Toyota help you find your perfect Alternative Fuel vehicle, today.