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Here at our Roseburg car dealership, our Toyota technicians spend thousands of hours learning how to provide the right care for your vehicle so you don’t have to spend a lot of time at our certified service center in Roseburg OR. With our OEM Toyota parts ranging from tires and wheels to oil filters and more, you can be sure that your car truck or SUV will be operating at peak performance.


We also know that even in the best of times, trying to get routine service done on a vehicle can take significant time out of your day. So whether you are in need of an oil change, tire rotations, brake repairs or any other maintenance on your vehicle, we offer easy scheduling, a waiting room full of amenities and even various loaner vehicles at great rates, so that you can run errands. It’s just one part of why Clint Newell Toyota offers the most well-rounded car maintenance programs in the Roseburg community. Servicing new and used cars in Roseburg.

Routine Maintenance Intervals | New and Used Car Lots in Roseburg, OR

Some Toyotas offer warning lights on the dashboard that can help you figure out when you need service. They generally include pictures of tires, oil cans and even wrenches. For most vehicles, you’ll expect to change your oil every 5,000 to 7,500 miles, rotate tires every other oil change and change out tires every 40,000 to 60,000 miles or so. This doesn’t include alignments as well as routine checkups at a dealership.


In the case of the latter, people considering certified auto service in Roseburg OR will probably need to schedule about every 30,000 miles. These often coincide with oil changes, but certified technicians will do a full inspection of your vehicle if you go to Clint Newell Toyota. This includes various belts and fluids as well as filters for oil and air going into both the engine as well as the cabin.


However, you should know that each vehicle is different. If you aren’t sure about what services your car, truck or SUV needs, review your owner’s manual or contact a Clint Newell service advisor with your most recent odometer reading.

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Tire Changes, Tire Rotations and Oil Change | Roseburg Car Dealership

No matter how big your vehicle is,or if it is from a new or used car lot, the amount of rubber that actually is in contact with the road at any one time is pretty small. That’s why making sure you get regular tire changes and rotations at Clint Newell Toyota’s community service center in Roseburg is so important. In the case of most sedans, for example, the “contact patch” of each tire or the amount of rubber that is actually in contact with the road at any one time is only as big as your fist!


Keeping an eye on your tread life is easy enough as long as you have a penny. For cars and SUVs, you shouldn’t be able to see the entirety of Lincoln’s head on any of your tires. You can also use this to check if your tires are wearing smoothly. If you can see more of the head in one area of your tire compared to the others, you may have an alignment issue.


Similar tests can be performed by checking the oil on your dipstick, the location of which is usually a yellow knob in the engine bay. However, we understand that it can seem like a dirty process or like you don’t feel comfortable with working on alignment yourself. Working with a Toyota service center with experienced technicians ensures that you have someone you trust working on those issues before they become larger problems.

Certified Toyota Dealership | Service Center for New and Used Cars in Roseburg, OR

Another great reason to visit or schedule service at Clint Newell Toyota is the level of training our technicians receive.  Whether you need an oil change on your used car, or to repair significant damage to your new Toyota as a result of wind or tree damage, we can cover your needs while working with major insurers and your budget.


Our community team of mechanics at our Roseburg dealership, have the tools and parts to ensure that no matter what kind of body work or paint matching is required, you will be able to get your car looking factory fresh with quality Original  Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) components. Our customers regularly appreciate the confidence of knowing that their vehicles won’t lose warranty coverage or experience other issues as a result. However, we take that same approach and apply the same level of care even to tire rotation and oil changes.

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Schedule Certified Auto Service at Clint Newell Toyota | Roseburg Service Center

Get help with your scheduled maintenance or whatever work you need on your vehicle today. Click over to our specials pages for deals that can save you money. If you want, you can also use the schedule service form in order to get started with an appointment that best fits what your week looks like. We’re excited to leverage our years of experience and Toyota-certified staff to ensure that your vehicle is ready to come out looking better than you could have imagined.


If you’re in need of service or repair for your vehicle, you can conveniently schedule your next service appointment online, and we’ll contact you to confirm the details!


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