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Body Shop at Clint Newell: Toyota Vehicle Collision Experts

Dealing with a car accident or storm damage can be a major headache, but it certainly does not have to be. If your car needs repairs, don’t get it back to like new condition, get it back to like “brand new” condition when you work with the Toyota collision repair experts at Clint Newell Toyota.

Toyota Repairs for Windshield Replacement and Body Damage

Our technicians have the experience of working on a variety of models from the Toyota 4Runner to the Camry, Corolla and all trucks offered at our dealership. In addition, our master repair team has certification from the top collision authorities to ensure that our work will have your vehicle looking like it came fresh from the factory.


That includes using specialized, manufacturer-approved paint-matching techniques and dent removal procedures to ensure the perfect result for storm damage repair or hail damage repair. The body shop at Clint Newell Toyota also has specialists for auto painting needs so that no one will even know your vehicle was damaged.


If your car can be fixed to be driven, we’ll do everything in our power to make sure that it is. We specialize in not just paint and bodywork but even working with the latest electronics systems in your vehicle, hybrid powertrains and even chassis and suspension issues. We know that in many cases, the most significant issues are the ones you’ll never have to see once we are able to get your car, truck or SUV looking back to what it did when it came from the factory.

Genuine OEM Parts for Lasting Quality and Performance

There are several key advantages to working with a service center that use OEM parts, even if some may look at them as more expensive than aftermarket parts:


  • You are not responsible for researching what companies make the best widget, anchor or bolt to go onto your car. A major manufacturer like Toyota chose the best one to use in tens of thousands of vehicles like yours.
  • There are no issues regarding trying to match up an aftermarket part that may be designed to be used on a wide variety of vehicles. Combined with Toyota certified technicians and repair technology at Clint Newell’s service center, you don’t have to worry about substandard assembly.


A warranty on both parts and labor: Toyota stands by its repair technician staff and its OEM parts. So if you get your vehicle repaired at a dealership, you don’t have to worry about calling a manufacturer or a body shop or both if a part fails. You can be sure that you’re covered completely.

Experience Working with Major Insurers and Toyota Warranty Programs

No one likes to talk about paperwork, unless they’re one of the friendly staff members at Clint Newell Toyota who has experience working with a variety of commercial and personal auto insurance claims adjusters. One of the most important steps in ensuring that your auto body repair bill is covered by your insurance company is choosing the right collision center.


That is also true for any repairs that we do for insurance companies. We have experience working with a variety of insurers in Oregon who recognize that there is value in having the same company train paint-matching and body-panel experts as well as those who originally made the vehicle on the assembly line.

Request an Estimate, Schedule an Appointment or Contact our Clint Newell Toyota Collision Team

Our service center at Clint Newell Toyota is ready to help you get your new or used Camry, Corolla, 4Runner in OR or any model ready for the road again. Whether you need help with a windshield replacement, storm damage repair or any other service need, we look forward to getting you back behind the wheel of your vehicle in like brand-new condition.


Fill out our easy forms for collision estimates or contact our team for more assistance today. You can also check out our latest specials for deals on routine maintenance and certified OEM parts for your Toyota vehicle.


Toyota Certified Collision Centers are complete with state-of-the-art equipment and expert technicians who are Toyota specialists. Our goal is to return your vehicle to its pre-accident condition. And you should always insist on Genuine Toyota Parts to Keep Your Toyota a Toyota.


Need a parts estimate? Have questions or concerns? We’re here to help. Please feel free to get in touch with our Toyota Parts Center a call at (541) 672-3508 or stop by and see us in person at 1481 NE Stephens St. in Roseburg, OR.


We understand the importance of using the best parts andAccessories to help maintain your vehicle’s quality and longevity. We’ll have what you need. Learn about the specials we offer to keep your maintenance affordable!.