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Custom Truck and SUV parts at Clint Newell Toyota

Why Go OEM with Custom Lift Kits and More

Many people who are considering their budget may think that some aftermarket parts are a better option, especially if they come from a name that you have heard before. There are several issues with that:

  1. If you are looking at custom truck parts for your Toyota Tacoma or Tundra, you’re making a long-term investment. You want to be sure that the components will last as long as your truck does, no matter what you are using it for and that might not be guaranteed with some suppliers.
  2. Fit and finish is critical if you are going off-road or simply want to avoid rust. While computer designing has helped some suppliers who make aftermarket exhaust kits or lift kits for the Toyota 4Runner match up pretty well with the dimensions, they simply do not have the resources to ensure that everything will install perfectly and match up like a genuine Toyota or TRD part will.
  3. Reputation matters. Unlike some of our competitors, the team at Clint Newell Toyota can point to Dakar Rally winning racers who use the same parts we’re likely to install on your truck or SUV. They have proven themselves in competition and will be ready for just about anything you can throw at them.

Interior Custom Truck Parts

Whether you are looking for the sharpest truck or SUV or one that can handle a good cleaning after throwing it around in the dirt, you can be sure to find the right pieces you need with Toyota custom truck and SUV parts. That includes TRD-branded floor mats and shift liners that provide extra grip in addition to looking more sporty.


However, it also runs the gamut from first aid kits to cargo area organization and even more. You’ll want to be able to take your gear in your truck or SUV and being able to accessorize it to your needs is one of the biggest joys of owning and a Toyota Tundra, Sequoia or any of our other capable models.

Toyota Running Boards, Custom Lighting for Toyota and More

Exterior upgrades are about more than just looks, although you can be sure that upgrading your headlights for custom lighting for Toyotas will certainly provide it a more aggressive look. However, adding running boards from an OEM supplier, skid plates and other protection can go a long way towards decreasing damage from rocks and debris.  It’s a small investment that provides real return on investment no matter what elements you add.


If you are also looking to be able to haul more gear, custom roof racks, cargo shelves and other amenities are available whether from TRD or Toyota’s main parts wing. We’re happy to work with you in order to find the right pieces that fit your style as well as your budget while maintaining your factory warranty.

Toyota Intake Upgrades and Other Performance Improvements

Speaking of maintaining your warranty, you can of course be considering aftermarket exhaust parts from the catalytic converter back, as well as other performance upgrades. But TRD parts come not just with the guarantee of maintaining you warranty, but also with the experience that the racing teams have throughout the world.


That matters when you consider that air intakes often are not well-protected at the bottom of the engine bay or that your exhaust kit might be subject to some dings and banging around when you’re going off jumps. Perhaps moreso, it can be a huge benefit if you want your engine to last as long as possible. Toyota is known for reliability, so if you want to add a supercharger or other parts that will increase power, or even update the transmission, you’re going to want to do so knowing that it has been tested by a company with the resources to make it last.


There are plenty of parts in the catalog that you can use to do so, along with custom shocks from companies like Fox that have been designed to work perfectly with your truck or SUV. You can also add components like winches to ensure that if you get in over your head, your vehicle can be moved to safety with the help of a friend, or a friendly stranger.

Shop and Upgrade with Custom Truck Parts at Clint Newell Toyota

Whether you’re looking to get a new roof rack or upgrade to a supercharged V8, the experienced team of off-road technicians at Clint Newell Toyota is ready to work with you to get your custom truck parts installed. We have decades of experience working with Oregonians who are looking for the best possible ride. Our confidence in our parts’ performance is matched only by our own personal experience outdoors with our Toyota trucks and SUVs.


Visit the TRD parts catalog for your vehicle, or call us today to speak with one of our specialists. We’re happy to get you ready for your next adventure, on the road or off!