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Car Buying Checklist for New and Used Cars in Roseburg, OR

New And Used Car Lots in Roseburg, OR

The next step is to decide whether or not to buy new, used or certified pre-owned. The difficulty here is that a lot depends on whether or not you work with a Toyota dealer like Clint Newell or go to any other dealership. New and certified pre-owned vehicles offer similar benefits and as such have a price premium over used vehicles you might buy from a private seller.


There are significant advantages to buying new, so we’ve divided them into pros and cons by each purchase type:


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New Car Pros and Challenges

  • Pro: No one else has used the vehicle so there are no hidden problems to be had
  • Pro: You get the latest in technology in terms of both performance and electronics
  • Pro: You are covered by a warranty and, in the case of a Toyota dealership like Copeland, complimentary maintenance and roadside assistance for at least two years and 24,000 miles
  • Pro: You have multiple financing options and the most incentives, including from your local bank and the manufacturer’s servicing wing


Challenge: New cars are more expensive than used and even certified pre-owned options

Certified Pre-Owned Pros and Challenges in OR

  • Pro: At a Toyota dealer like Copeland, CPO vehicles face a 140-160-point inspection to detect any potential issues prior to re-sale
  • Pro: Certified Pre-Owned vehicles are often recent models, still offering many of the latest safety and other features but at a significant discount
  • Pro: CPO vehicles maintain their original factory warranty and may be eligible for any maintenance and roadside assistance programs offered by the manufacturer
  • Pro: You have the option of financing and attractive incentives from the dealership’s financing department


Challenge: You may still pay more than you would for a similar vehicle from a private seller

Used Vehicle Pros and Challenges

Pro: Used vehicles are the most affordable way to get behind the wheel of a new-to-you vehicle


Challenge: You have to find your own financing, either cash or through a loan

Challenge: You must have any inspection done by a local mechanic or trust the buyer

Challenge: You have little to no support from the seller once you purchase the vehicle and obtain the title


Thousands of people choose one of these three options each day and all are popular choices. We recommend considering your level of mechanical expertise, desire for protection and need for safety and technological features along with your budget when deciding which of these three makes sense for you.


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