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Some Great Off-Road Trails in Oregon

Some Great Off-Road Trails in Oregon

Roseburg is helpfully located in the middle of some of the greatest trails in the country, but the team at Clint Newell Toyota is sure you know all about that. If you’re looking to test your truck or SUV, we’ve compiled a list of just some of the many options you have for off-roading your truck or SUV. If you have a dirtbike, side-by-side, or other ATV, you will of course have options that go beyond the ones we’ve listed here.

Tips to Enjoy Off-Roading in Any Vehicle

Whether you’re hauling a toy trailer or taking your custom truck to get a little dirty, always be ready for the unexpected. Using the buddy system is always a good start, as well as checking the nearest areas where you can get cell reception and nearby ranger stations. Keep first-aid kits handy, along with enough gear to last you through a day or two if you get stranded somewhere. Of course, always let someone know where you’re going and how long you’ll be.


Also, note that much of the research we did revolves around the Oregon State Parks guide to trails around the state. Keep in mind that government agencies may not have the latest information listed there. It never hurts to take some time to call the local ranger station or ask around locally to make sure that trails are open. Fall and Spring are often the best times because snow can make trails unpassable and even dust can make things a nightmare.

Trails Around Umpqua National Forest and Further Inland

Umpqua National Forest is big. Really big. So any guide to off-road trails in Oregon and especially near Roseburg has to start there. One of the largest areas can be accessed at the Prospect OHV staging and trailhead area, which is two hours southeast. They include Woodruff and Corral play areas, as well as four or five other campgrounds. If you’re looking for a starting point, you’d be hard-pressed not to find a range of trails there that fit your needs. Just be mindful of elk calving season and give a call to the Prospect office before you head over.


Going north instead, you can visit the Cottage Grove trails a t the eponymous access point including Knott Trail and Bohemia National Recreation Trail that are listed as more difficult. Huckleberry Flats offers another range of trails further north and is 14 miles outside of Westfir. Be mindful that the paths can be fairly narrow and may only fit motorcycles or dirtbikes.

Trails Along the Coast

In addition to the PCH, the coast of Oregon has plenty of areas to take your outdoor toys, especially in and around Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area. You can get there from a variety of locations.  One is the Saunders Lake-Dunes Access Point. That’s right off the highway halfway between Hauser and Lakeside, although the trails are relatively simple in most places.


You can also get into the park system at the massive Riley Ranch complex. That includes a motocross track, sand drag strip with numerous RV sites and other camping areas. With a total area of 130 acres, it’ll be hard not to find something that you and your friends and family will enjoy.

Further south are the Winchester Trails that include nearly 20 miles of paths. That’s south of Coos Bay and includes a variety of difficulty levels for offroad motorcycles and ATVs. You can check out other trails at

An Out-of-the-Way Option to Test Your Mettle - Rim Butte

Located in Deschute, Paulina Peak is deep in the Cascade Range. The access road to Rim Butte is nearly 30 miles east of La Pine, OR, but the upshot is that it’s still less than a three-hour drive from Roseburg. It offers some of the most difficult and extreme trails in the region, with plenty of tight trails and two separate access points. Paulina Peak is a volcano, helping to spark the lava-based formations that can test even the most experienced off-roader, whether on bike, ATV, or truck.


However, its remoteness does include one caveat. Like other trails, there is a 99 dB sound level so be careful about your exhaust tuning. In addition, it’s one of those areas where you will want to call a ranger in the summer and winter before you make the journey to make sure that conditions are passable.

Upgrade Your Offroader at Clint Newell Toyota

If you’re running your truck or SUV off-road, we offer a variety of Toyota Racing Development parts to improve handling and performance. Our offerings also include first aid kits and cargo organizers to keep your trail gear easy to access no matter what you’re using to handle the trails.


Visit us today or give us a call and we’ll help you find the right equipment to help you dominate the trails each and every year