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It can be difficult to choose the right place to get your vehicle serviced, but we recommend going with one that understands why you need a car in the first place: transportation. At Clint Newell Toyota, rent a car for as long as you need or get a loaner vehicle while your daily driver is with us. Either way, you can be sure to get what you need done, even while our experienced service technicians determine the repairs and procedures your current vehicle needs.

Whether social distancing and other state guidelines are making it difficult to handle daily errands or you’re considered an essential employee, always having adequate transportation is critical in this economy. Unfortunately, most car insurers do not offer standard rental car coverage for your vehicle unless you have already started a claim for comprehensive or collision damage.

When you are looking for small repairs or routine maintenance for your vehicle, consider the value of getting it done at a service shop with free rental options. Your time is literally worth money and you shouldn’t have to spend it in a waiting room if you have other things you need to do. We have a number of recent Toyota models that you can use to get groceries, pick up packages or whatever else you need to get done.

There are a lot of stressful elements of life, waiting while the world happens around you when you need to take care of your life shouldn’t be one of them. Make sure that the repair shop you work with can offer something that matches our Toyota rent a car and free service loaner programs that match with our industry-leading certified technicians and OEM part matching systems.

Toyota vehicle on rooftop.
Toyota Rent-A-Car
Additional Rental Car Options at Clint Newell Toyota

Many people may want to try out a new vehicle, move to a new home or apartment or take a vacation with loved ones. These one-time events are the perfect fit for taking advantage of Toyota rent a car services at Clint Newell dealerships. After all, you’ve already chosen the vehicle that fits your needs for your daily driver. Why try to move up or down in size when you don’t actually need to.

Our rental options range from compact sedans that are great for fuel economy to SUVs with towing capabilities for a weekend or more up in the mountains with a boat. No matter what you need, we have a Toyota model that will suit your interests at attractive prices.

Additional Contact Clint Newell’s Trained Staff for Help with your Toyota Rent a Car Needs

Contact Clint Newell’s Trained Staff for Help with your Toyota Rent a Car Needs Whether you need service done on your vehicle for routine maintenance or you’ve been in a difficult accident, our staff has experience matching you with the best vehicle for your needs. Whether that’s to try out a vehicle for longer than a test drive, get a loaner while your car is in our shop, or any other need, get in touch with us today.

Toyota Highlander

Toyota Highlander Rental

Per Hour Weekend Weekly
$15.50 $90.59 $453.20

Rent Highlander

Toyota Sienna

Toyota Sienna Rental

Per Hour Weekend Weekly
$13.50 $82.60 $434.20

Rent Sienna

Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry Rental

Per Hour Weekend Weekly
$10.50 $52.60 $278.20

Rent Camry

Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla Rental

Per Hour Weekend Weekly
$7.50 $42.60 $246.20

Rent Corrola

Toyota Highlander

Toyota RAV4 Rental

Per Hour Weekend Weekly
$11.50 $67.60 $345.20

Rent RAV4

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