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Many drivers overlook routine vehicle service such as tire changes, tire rotations or oil changes in the Roseburg area. The team here at Clint Newell Toyota of Roseburg, OR recommends to NOT overlook these important parts services for your vehicle. Our Toyota service and parts center in Oregon is here to assist you! Get help with your scheduled maintenance or whatever work you need on your vehicle today. Click over to our specials pages for deals that can save you money. If you want, you can also use the schedule service form in order to get started with an appointment that best fits what your week looks like. We’re excited to leverage our years of experience and Toyota-certified staff to ensure that your vehicle is ready to come out looking better than you could have imagined.

Tire Changes in Roseburg

 No matter how big your vehicle is, the amount of rubber that actually is in contact with the road at any one time is pretty small. That’s why making sure you get regular tire changes and rotations at Clint Newell Toyota or another service center is so important. In the case of most sedans, for example, the “contact patch” of each tire or the amount of rubber that is actually in contact with the road at any one time is only as big as your fist!


Keeping an eye on your tread life is easy enough as long as you have a penny. For new or used cars and SUVs in OR,  you shouldn’t be skipping over tire maintenance. Our car technicians can assist you with service to check if your tires are wearing smoothly.At our service center our staff can determine anything alarming such as an alignment issue. In addition, you can visit our parts center, and Toyota order parts in Roseburg.

Oil Change Near Me

Another great reason to visit or schedule service at Clint newell Toyota is the level of training our technicians receive. Whether you need an oil change or to repair significant damage to your vehicle as a result of wind or tree damage, we can cover your needs while working with major insurers and your budget..


Certain tricks and tests can be performed by checking the oil on your dipstick, the location of which is usually a yellow knob in the engine bay. However, we understand that it can seem like a dirty process, or like you don’t feel comfortable with working on alignment yourself. Working with a Toyota service center with experienced technicians ensures that you have someone you trust working on those issues before they become larger problems. Visit our Service Center, today.

Schedule Auto Service in Roseburg, OR at Clint Newell Toyota!

Get help with your scheduled maintenance or whatever work you need on your vehicle today at Clint Newell Toyota. Schedule service at our on-site Toyota service department in Roseburg, OR.  Our Toyota-trained technicians in OR, are here to handle any care need from regular automotive maintenance, to vehicle model recalls, or simple routine checks and repairs.